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Mailing lists service


From this page, you can decide who can access the online list archive (messages readable on the mailing list web interface). The following options are available:

If you want to limit access to archives according to other criteria, you should ask the listmasters: they may be able to create a new option matching your needs (example: Allow access to archives only by members of a user group, of an Internet domain, etc.).

The 'Quota' input box allows you to define a maximum size not to be exceeded for the message archive. This size is expressed in kilobytes. List owners are notified when the archive size reaches 95 % of the allowed size. When the maximum size is reached, later messages are not archived.

Even though messages stop being archived, it is naturally still possible to send messages to the list.

It is also possible to access the list archive by email, by sending the following command: GET nameofthelist year-month (example: GET list_example 2016-07). Then you receive a compilation of all messages sent during the chosen month. This compilation is sent in plain text and contains HTML tags instead of the original formatting; it also involves full headers for each message. The 'Text archives' parameter allows you to define:

If this parameter is not defined, the list will have no archive accessible by email. Be careful: only the listmasters have the power to change this parameter.

It is possible to send messages encrypted in S/MIME to the list. The 'Archive encrypted mails as cleartext' option allows you to define how those messages will be archived:

This option applies to both the text archive and the online archive, as well as to the compilations sent to those who chose the 'Digest' delivery mode.

BE CAREFUL: do not forget to click on the 'Apply modifications' button on bottom of page to save all your changes.

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